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Welcome to Global Crystal... A leader in Residential and Commercial Property Remodeling. At Global Crystal, our building remodeling experts will work with your specification from start to project completion. No matter how small or large the project is, we have the ability to take it from design to completion. We have the capability to meet strict deadlines especially those established by third party agencies. Part of our commercial remodeling projects involves office space partitioning, carpentry work, dry wall installation, carpeting and painting, etc. We can help!
Global Crystal can assist your firm review construction or remodeling plans for any commercial building and make recommendations that can improve the over all market value of the property.Not only can our organization help you to identify trends in remodeling but also provide you with a realistic estimate of best rate for the job. When you are looking to remodel a commercial property commercial property or need a little cosmetic work done on the interior or exterior of the building, we will be glad to assist you. Give us a call today (404) 396-4007
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